What is agile sports academy?

Agile Sports Academy is a sports club in Hosur, a small town in southern India. We are a group of 4 (My dad, mom, brother and me) that started this. We ventured into this entrepreneurial start-up 5 years ago. 

Why a sports academy?

My brother who is a national table tennis (ping-pong) player started playing in Hosur when he was 14. But the coaching facilities in that town weren't great. In order for him to improve and get better, we relocated to a big city, Chennai. His game improved drastically and he also got to represent India once. He is currently residing in Orlando, Florida and is the Florida Champion. 

Wait, if he is in Florida now, why did he start an academy in Hosur?

Currently, a large pool of athletic talent exists in Hosur. There is an overwhelming desire from children and parents to develop these talents. However, integrated coaching and sports facilities are not available to nurture this talent pool. 


He didn't want the kids of Hosur to relocate just to be able to improve. Not everyone is fortunate to have the money to move to a city. So the 4 of us decided to start an academy which provides coaching in different games like badminton, ping-pong, cricket, taekwondo and chess, all under one roof, at a very affordable cost.

You still didn't tell us what he is doing in Florida? Also, who is taking care of the academy in Hosur?

My brother moved to the US to do his MBA as he wanted to learn more to improve the business. He is currently working for CHEP to gain some experience and he will be going back soon to physically be present and take care of Agile. 


My mom is an athlete and she is very passionate about sports as well. So she is the one currently living in Hosur, taking care of the academy. But all of us contribute to Agile's betterment from our respective places. My dad works for an MNC in Indonesia. I take care of the website, social media handles and of course, the advertising aspect. My mom does the administration and my brother does the decision making and other important tasks. 

Damn. That's super impressive. How many kids are a part of agile now?

We grew really big in number, thankfully. We are helping 300 kids discover their passion, develop it to deliver their dreams. We had to expand because of our growth. We are now present in 3 locations in Hosur and we have outsourced our coaches to various schools to provide coaching to kids during their PT class.

Okay, now stop rambling and show us some stuff from Agile.