Hi :)

I'm Prasiddha.


People in my hometown (India)  know me as the Radio Jockey who talks too fast. Yeah. I talk just as fast as I type, which means I think super fast, which also means I can think of ideas in the blink of an eye. So, hi.


Time for a quick story: 

I started writing when my dad gifted me with my first soft toy.  He forgot to tell me what it was called. I naively named my colorful alien soft toy with a single horn - ‘Horny’. The day Horny arrived was my first diary entry. I picked up the habit of writing diary entries (extremely clichéd, yes) and there begun my craze for writing. From there, I transitioned to writing stories about my everyday happenings.  


Before diving into the Copywriting program in Miami Ad School, I interned at McCann, Jakarta to test the waters. That's where I discovered that there is no high like the one I get from selling my stories.


I'm super excited to work with people who share the same objectives and passion.


And, if you're still wondering, Horny was a unicorn.




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April - June 2018

Cutwater, San Francisco

Brands - Peet's coffee, Financial Engines, AXOS bank.

July - September 2018

AKQA, Tokyo

Brands - Nike, Mini Cooper, Netflix, Westbank, Amazon Echo.

October - December 2018

J. Walter Thompson, New York

Brands - PAMS Foundation, Johnson & Johnson